Passing Out Coupons on Hollywood Blvd. Lyrics

Rock Dove

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Lyrics to Passing Out Coupons on Hollywood Blvd.
Passing Out Coupons on Hollywood Blvd. Video:
you told em that the words were fresh
resting on the tip of your tongue's wet flesh
but running from hysterical shouts
you dropped your guns and tore the taster out

and now you're passing out shuffling through coupons with a heart that's out of love
and there are stars on the pavement but none up above

you're stuck with sun-stained hands and a mind that only works in reverse

and irony blinks down the block
as the dinosaur is biting the clock

we both hear the
crooked king screaming numbers from up on the acropolis
and that they unfortunately match the ones contracting in your clinched tight fist

flip the pillow cold side up
and tell those motherfucckers you've since given up
that your life down the drain would be quick and free of pain
that the hand that once fed your family is severed, soaking in the morning rain
why keep trash when you can burn it down to ash?

flip your glass upside down
and let the last remaining drops slide to the ground
then stand up straight acceping your fate with a wicked little smile on your face
your apposable thumbs now broken and numb, you're the animal you'd hoped to become
and what's left of your love is rotting in a shredded doove

with feathers exploding above you

i was running and hiding from my dreams
and they were beautiful beautiful dreams

but when you're promising yourself to forget what you love
you think that maybe things are not how they seemed

so shift your eyes from the barrel to my shivering head
and god, tell me you understand

that i wanna laugh i wanna talk i wanna joke with you
but the pistol isnt leavin my hand

man gave me the power to choose my life
and im doing that the best that i can

ill cut off your face in one hot night
ill send another cold muscle to the land

this is a problem worth denying
i hear an unfamiliar siren

and all kids must forget
whatever theyve been learning
because the sky isnt blue when its burning

sipping up the thick, grey clouds
the overcast skies are exciting me now
the lazy light and its dull display
for some reason make it feel like a friday

when we're sitting with the city on the metrobus
wondering how we let our goals slip away from us

people come and people go
and doors are closing fast and slow
and they try to measure love with time
when neither has anything to do with the other

oh remember behind the bungalows
where the alley way met with the dirty patched below

where the fathers waited in the blistering cold
for a taste of excitement, setting fire to the goal


all my work
god, what's it worth
but a nicer room to watch my tv in
and a priviledged kid with a selfish grin

high as hell
spelunking in the wishing well

over green green grass
they're all racing home
and though the crowd is loud
all absolutely alone

fire flies floating on the dirty air
you can put your car in park, get out, and run into the smog
or press down on the gas and murder your dog

who screams louder,
the tires or the animal?

the city
or the homeless man?
the spinning gears
or the mangled hand?

approach your life like the kiss
because the cradle rocks above an echoing abyss
and dont you ever fucking reach the lips
because without our dreams, everything turns to shit

there we were
there we stood
our bodies decomposing in the hundred acre woods

give me the wink of an eye
give me the shake of a hand
show me the bones beneath your skin
or i will never understand

how to keep from slipping into place
how to keep the ski mask over my smiling face

give me a trash can fire for the money we've been earning
and come on kids, please tell your mothers where it's hurting
and don't forget to wake up in the morning
because the sky isn't blue when it's burning
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