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Lyrics to Passing A Message
Passing A Message Video:
I was carving my name out
Of a giant sequoia tree
I was blind to its beauty
Now it's all I can see

See I've learned how to listen
To the folks on TV
They are passing a message
That means nothing to me

My vertebrate evolution
Easy as ABC
Baby steps from the ocean
Feather trails to the sea

Paddlefish to salamander
Honeybee to atrophy
I guess I'm losing my trail here
But it takes loss to be free

Now I work in a nightclub
At the Burj Khalifa
And I'm blind to its beauty
But it ain't all that I have

So I'm passing a message
Like the folks on TV
Guess I'm getting the words out
But they don't come from me

Paddlefish to salamander
Little girl to atrophy
I guess we're losing our trail here
But it takes loss to be free
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