Lyrics to Pass You By
Pass You By Video:
Tell me why, tell me how
How we suck so low we aren't ever going to get out
I thought we were something more than just the rest of them

It's got to be hard when it's all that surrounds
But you're such a fucking waste if you just follow along
We've seen so many come and go
But it's time we got to stick around

I'm sick of seeing ego and greed
Destroying what's important to me
It does something we just don't know
Being destroyed by this world

We lost another great mind
But if you could change so fast
Maybe you weren't worth the time
And I could call you a fake or a fucking tool
But this life just wasn't for you

I will pass you by, I will beat you to it
Not because of what I do, But because of who I am
I could have given up and gone out like you
But now that's just not me
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