Party Groove (Bass Mix) Lyrics

Showbiz & A.G.

Runaway Slave

Lyrics to Party Groove (Bass Mix)
Party Groove (Bass Mix) Video:
Throw your hands in the air for the party goove [x6]
You wanna see Showbiz (get wicked)? [x6]

And it's the party groove, it's the groove of the party
So girls fix your weave and come shake your body
I'm a lady to me, like crime is to Gotti
If you can't afford Moet, then drink Bicardi
Cause it's all the same there is no shame
I'm a sit back, relax, grab a girl, and kick game
And Dre pass the fifth, and that's only if
I crew hold they head, no beef and don't riff
Cause gangsta images Show can't get with
And I don't understand (Understand what?)
The ignorance (the ignorance) I said the ignorance (The ignorance)
And now it's time to prove I make you dance to the party groove

It ain't nothing but a party y'all [x4]

You wanna see A.G. (get wicked)? [x8]

Rap and roll, mix and mingle
Doobie cuts big butts, yeah, but only if you're single
Now it's time for us to jingle
The gift as if my name was Kris Kringle
We boogie down (in the Boogie Down)
A.K.A. the Bronx, yes my home town
Girls and guys that's good looking
No matter from Queens, Manhattan, or Brooklyn
Stay home alone if you're a pooper
But come out no doubt if you're a trooper
Yeah party with me, you got nothing to lose
The Giant saying peace to the party groove

And signing off is Showbiz & A.G., listen to words of DJ Kid Capri
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