Part II: The Vault Of Nephren-Ka Lyrics

The Vision Bleak

The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey

Lyrics to Part II: The Vault Of Nephren-Ka
Part II: The Vault Of Nephren-Ka Video:
["The Black Pharaoh Trilogy" Part 3]

In a valley of no sound, buried under desert ground,
enclosed by night without one star lies the vault of Nephren-Ka
Where isolation dies alone, an ancient deathless does throne
Shun by the light of Amun-Ra, that is the vault of Nephren-Ka

It calls... And calls...

This Nether-Netherworld is crowned by rotten sorcery abound
Where on old bones the ghoul-fiends gnaw
In the vault of Nephren-Ka
And the unsound fingers still grasp a crystal by its will
Bedded on an ill altar
The remains of Nephren-Ka
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