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Paris in the Spring Lyrics

Al Bowlly

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Lyrics to Paris in the Spring
Paris in the Spring Video:
Paris in the spring, mm...mm...
Love is in the air, mm...mm...
Life's a love affair
And ev'ry pair of arms a rendezvous for two
Paris in the spring, mm...mm...
Hearts begin to dance, mm...mm...
And in ev'ry glance you'll find
An invitation to romance
You must fall
You simply can't evade love
The moon is there to aid love
Find someone you can call you own
You're to blame if you're alone mm...
It's grand, it's new, mm...
It's me, it's you
Ev'ry beating heart becomes a part of
Paris in the spring
"Paris in the Spring" as written by Mack Gordon, Harry Revel
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