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Lyrics to Pardon The Indifference
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Stepping off the driveway to get my feet wet
Now you know I'm ready, set to forget you for good
And you can bet that I won't regret this
Slowly tearing out the cold black cancer that you call your heart
Use the sharpest knives to pick your wings apart
And I can't believe that this is what I dreaded
And you set it up yourself

Please just let go, sit back watch me blow this our last chance
Just turn around and walk away from me while you still can
And I won't take your hand, or the fall again

Take your time investing in these white lies
That you always promised someday you'd try and make them right
But not tonight, no darling not this lifetime
I've watched you running from the same thing in and out of every week
You can't speak cause you're too tired to take a breath
But take a seat girl cause this is my time
Check out the gun between your eyes

Take one last look as I close the book, mark you off of the black-list
Point blank and you know that I won't miss you

And I won't pretend that we were ever friends
I know, you'll burn for this someday
And I won't pretend I'm not loving this
I'm sure of some things

So now I let myself forget every word you said,
Cause we never met and
Check it out now girl you've been erased
Can't hear a damn word that you're saying now

Wait for the burning rains to fall
Down on you will you beg for forgiveness?
Take off the veil take down the wall
Could you see this coming?
Stand tall burn slowly, won't you?

You're burning so slowly in my rearview,
I'll tear it down, I won't need it, I'm never coming back
You'll never see my face again

Stand tall, burn slowly, I'm never looking back
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