Lyrics to Parachutes
Parachutes Video:
The color blue was coming into the window
And I stay cooking in my little kitchen
We were talking about what was going through
Of the voices we started listening to

So you are going to a party in St.Johns
And we said we wouldn't let our lives go on too long
Without having a little bit of fun to carry on
A deal has been made and I'll take from it someday

I'm not pullin on this parachute
I'll smile for you that day

I'm not wasting my time
As I lay down to rest
I want to smile and say look at me
Oh look at me now

Don't want to signify an empty heart
Don't you know what you've been getting
and what you've got
My friend and I will go
Back to what we longed to laugh about

If I could fly
I would carry you
And I dont mind the most beautiful, most beautiful view
That came on my sleeve
If I could fly like an aeroplane
Watching the sea glass underneath

And in my heart and my mind
There's something to this dream of mine
Well i"m not so sure if I believe
But I will bury that between the trees

In my life
Well it's okay
I wouldn't have it any other way
If my time relies on this
I'll swear my god will say that smile was enough
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