Lyrics to Parachutes
Parachutes Video:
Did you hear the sound of the cricket in the poisoned wind,
did you hear about you and me, yeah we lost it somewhere but they filled me in,
we were lost city souls on country green fields, and if I got it right it was just you and me
who made us feel how we feel.

Did you hear, no lets take your car to Gothenburg lips,
did you hear, they're talking about you they know what you are.

Parachute friendships and cutting scars I can't remember where I left my heart,
in that god awful bar or that apartment shack,
and all I want is to get back to before I fucked up.

Now I know how people can turn after months on the phone,
now I know that pounding heart, it's not just me.

Emergency landings and train wreck greed,
I can't remember the last time I knew the new me,
I'm not seventeen. I'm not in that little boy grief,
I'm not seventeen
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