Lyrics to Paracétamol
Paracétamol Video:
Let's talk about what happened here
If something did happen, maybe I can help

You want to help me?

You look like a man that could use a friend

*Sigh* There's no one else, kid it's me
It's just, I'm alone, th-that's it ok, there you go

[Verse 1]
So the day begins with an overwhelming vibe that rides through my skin
Feeling dry but I take the high sights in
I'll get by with the right kind of swing
It's all good, the way it looks from within
You get shook, broke down, crook, busted wings
Cause everything seems to bleed, the need to give in
It's the simple things that might invite this shit in
And you ain't got to lock yourself away
You got a lot to offer, you know that mate?
I been there, scared to face the music
Feeling like shit cause all you do is do shit
And nothin seems to match up
And they seem too far away to ever catch up
Bad luck comes in abundance
Hung-over, performing for the hundreds
Picks me up from the carcass fungus spreadable
And these mates the unforgettable
Barely edible moments
Feeling totally lost, a way to find focus
The important thing in life is to know this
A better man, still kinda hopeless

"Life shouldn't be so rough" [-- Inspectah Deck

[Hook] {X2}
It's like clockwork, and such is life
This is not work, when I'm holdin the mic
And what I've got's worth, more than my pride
These things stop dirt from killin my mind
It's like Panadol, Paracetamol
These things, they clear in my brain
It's like Panadol, Paracetamol
These things, they clear in my brain

[Verse 2]
You ain't got it yet? Well it's my friends and my fam
The gems and the fans that stem from the Dan
The blend of jam that brings balance to your toast
The effects of the feather and cloak with a missing dagger
Now what's the matter that clears it all up?
When life blatantly sucks, I know that I can trust
In no longer giving a fuck about what's pulling me down
Foolin around with my girl like "Look at me now"
I'm lovin it, me and my stubborn dick
These luxuries of a beer and seat sit comfortably
While she sips on the bubbly, lovely little cheeky grin
Sounds soft but that's what's pullin me in
Huh, sounds soft but that's what's pullin me in
We get along like Mork & Mindy
She's got my thoughts caught on stiffy
Pulsating brain but that's horn in a kinky way
And I'm sure these dismal days
Are just a pitiful phase, though the world caves in
I turn my shoulder, switch on the ignorance
Try and convince myself to be oblivious
Panadol kickin in, movin through the system
And it ain't that bad
I got my mates and bangers from Plutonic Lab

"Life shouldn't be so rough" [-- Inspectah Deck

[Hook] {X2}

"Life shouldn't be so rough" [-- Inspectah Deck
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