Lyrics to Papermate
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The solutions that you seek, will not be in the streak of repent.

Verse 1
Yo hand to hand, together like joy and pain. We join to make a vehicle to motivate change. Slightly insane, the way we regulate bangs, the pen became the master to make my thoughts stain.

When I design intricate rhymes,in between lines, I coexist, leaking my blood my owner holder peaks way up in the air, forever warfare. Revolution benedict, his rhymes are better with food for thought, bought with inida dara. Who's spittin', who's the lia'. Master got skills the people all desire. Not the one that doges the hose of the Moses, who's ever holding me closest to heart, I gotta focus. I mean that. Just ask my master for feed back, he'll show you what I'm talkin' about, he doesn't see that.

Put into violence, decisions, the orchestra court life. (Energy is obscene?) by your orders to write. Thoughts suffice power when I'm writin' my script. The words that imma let slip into the pen that I grip. In my hands I spoke scriptures, minor mince meaning. Being time, I'm seeing things that I'm not believing. Oppose Foes with the final words that I wrote. Usin' the prose on the page so that the people can cope. And the pen became the messenger. Put all my thoughts in the physical world turn the daily in the burns.

(I put my light time in between the papers lines. Light Light light time in between the papers lines. I put my light time in between the papers lines. Pa-pa-pa-pa papers lines)

I be the MC. I write until my lonely soul is empty. My essence on the page. I pray God forgives me for worshiping the pen that sends thoughts to paper. Escape reality's hate, my thoughts became major. Blessed be the thing I hold in my hand, is heavenly, I readily talk to myself. Message unsettling. I innovate crypt on the page so I can levitate. Weathering not for you chick, before they papermate.

They call me Papermate. I'm holding your fate inside me. Death, be a part of those who go against, who guides me. Yeah you can say I'm quite ahead of my game.


(Thanks to Alex Peer for these lyrics)
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