Lyrics to Paper And Glue
Paper And Glue Video:
You told me I was a view that only birds can see
and you sat upon that piano in hopes it would impress me.
I've got a message for you from me
your little plan worked and I'm waiting for delivery.
I'll build you a piano in my bedroom.
I'll make you wings out of paper and glue
and you can fly wherever you want to baby.

Up through that trap door to the tower
I laid on rafters, wasting my hours.
Like you said, i'm an old wound.
I'm looking for a window to see through.
I'll trade a hundred of anything for you.
I've said it before but its never been true.
I'm used to doing just what I want to.

You're always changing the maps you make me.
You told me you hate how clumsy I can be.
Yesterday I went back to that room
where you told me the secrets that you knew.
I stood on a table to get a better view,
proceeded to tell myself lies about you.
Climb back up on your piano.

Up through that trap door to the tower,
I laid on rafters, wasting my hours.
I've been dusting off my old wounds,
but none measure up to the ones collected from you.
I used to get just what I wanted to.
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