Lyrics to Paper Airplane
Paper Airplane Video:
I've put it all behind me
Nothing left to do or doubt
Some may say

But every silver linin'
Always seems to have a cloud
That comes my way

Anticipated pleasure
Or unexpected pain
No choice I fear

And love is hard to measure
Hidden in the rain
That's why you'll find me

Here all alone and still wonderin' why
Waitin' inside for the cold to get colder and
Here where it's clear that I've wasted my time
Hopin' to fly, cause it's almost over now

People come together
People go their own way
Love conquers few

And I'll do whatever
I'll say what I need to say
Just not for you

How many days should I smile with a frown?
Cause you're not around with the sun on your shoulders and
How many nights must I wake up alone?
I know in my soul that it's almost over now

Our love is like a paper airplane
Flyin' in the folded wind
Ridin' high, dippin' low

But in a sense it's fair game
I'm hopin' I can hold it in
Our love will die, I know
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