Lyrics to Panic
Panic Video:
I feel alive when I'm missing you
Slumber sweet with these dreams of what was home to me
This truth bleeds so ever gently
I've got this love noosed round my neck and I'll keep it buried in my chest

You know what I just realized?
All your pictures are in black in white
Penciled charcoal black they etch my face
It's gorgeous in your point of view
Tearing what I think out from behind your skull
And the grey you used to dream it reminds me of what I used to be
Siphoned Majesty
Articulate and raw. You hold the sleek line of anger pinned beneath
your eyes and your retained fury are what I had to let myself away with this
We're staying still
(I couldnt seem to move)
You're lying still
(Stayed still and still you found a way)
To sing in harmony with me
(To breathe in harmony with me always)
You won't have time to find it
You won't have time to find me
You have to let go.

Crawl away
These walls seem to have seen what's left of me
I feel my senses falling back
Don't want to hear you screaming come back, come back
Dream of this. This very time and moment
I've failed with pensive hands around my neck
And I'm holding out when I say
When the offered hand doesn't budge an inch
We don't scream
When you lay your tired bones to rest
We don't dream
Count your blessings and close your hand
Your dedication has failed to rise to the occasion
I'm a victim of circumstance while you're just a victim of selling your lies breath by breath. wink by wink.
And with a charming air I know what I said was wrong
and how I found you all the same
Yeah I guess I'm right
Although I realize it now
It takes our breath
and it steals our hope
I guess I finally caught you baiting my confidence
Well I wont back down
Baiting my confidence;
I'm not backing down
Baiting my confidence;
I won't back down
She sells herself and says "Swing it all away"
She times her pace and says "Drop it, Time's a waste"
She's peering back through the bedroom, saving face,
"I guess that's love." she says
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