Lyrics to Pancakes
Pancakes Video:
ladies and gentlemen
please follow these procedures
listen to me
and flip the weaver

(flip them pancakes)

take that pancake in one hand
throw it up and let it land
watch it bounce all up and down
listen to it make a sound

as it drops
as he take off his top
and start to mop the floor
with his tater tots
everybody wanting more
so please don't ever stop
till its sore, IHOP whore
I want some more,
pancakes on my face
cause it makes me wasted
Need to get them tasted
before I go and explore
the back kitchen
and then search all the drawers
cause I'm wishing
that I had some more on my dish
if I have to flip yo fish
instead of your pancakes
then I'm gonna make you wish
you would never mistake
what you bake in your oven
Cause I'm loving what's coming
and I'm rubbing my tummy
watching those yummy
flabs like silly putty


please don't mistake the pancakes
that I love to take and shake
for the crepes that I love to hate
if you flip a crepe, It'll break
for Jiggly Puff sake
your wiggly junk makes
me wanna take a Fanta
shake it on ya
take ya tatas
and show all the mommas
how you love to flaunt em
you ain't even bought em
that's what I love about em
from top to bottom
they real as the deal gets
so feel em, them real tits
the surrealist is what they call this
cause its unreal how you kneel
and gravity pulls em near
that's why they fear it
but at the same time they cheer it
and I can feel it
when you hurt my feelings
I just wanted to flip em
I wasn't gonna rip em
but you got tripped up
so why don't you pick up
your breakfast off the floor
cuz I got the hiccups
and I cant rap anymore

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