Lyrics to Palpitations
Palpitations Video:
You give me palpitations
My heart sounds like a butterfly in heat
All my aches & my frustrations
Melt away into the skipping beat
You give me flu-like symptoms
That pink & red & blue pills cannot solve
My eyes so full of smiles I have to squint them
To see you in your chivalrous resolve
When you held me at the movies
I could hardly speak
It's a good thing talking's frowned on
At the silver screen

You give me palpitations
And just like you, my heart has its own drummer
All my hopes and expectations
Hang on this magnificent newcomer
When you kissed me, it was cold
But I felt warm and cozy
Frostbite cannot stand a chance
When I know that you chose me

You give me palpitations
With your sweet manipulations
It's a curious sensation
You could be my revelation
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