Lyrics to Palace Of Sin
The coffin varnish, the drink of choice
The stages dust, as dancing girls, ply the trade
Den of iniquity, ramblers music plays
Oak and brass, nude portrait, sings to me

Calico queen, do I ride your river of fate
Sweet miss Vines, do I leave this well of hell
Calice queen, do I rely on what you tell
Sweet miss Vines, do you care to die

Intruders ears, are about the rail
Wretched eyes, away from this place
As night falls, away from this place
I'll tell of treasuresm we'll divide the take

Calico queen, who is he, your eyes behold
Sweet miss Vines, is my gun all you need
Calico queen, meet you at the rippling waters
Sweet miss Vines, you the nightingale, sings tonight

Stranger as you leave
Be forwarned
Mine eyes are watching you
I prosper in this hole
See the gal, she'll ruin you
Think twice, to heed her view
Anything you can have
You'll hire to be my hand
There's no future, here in hell
I'm Hatchet Jack, from Misery Hill
You'll find fame, fortune too
Or a marble orchard view

Hatchet Jack, I presume you challenged me
Mr Hargrove, now you die