Lyrics to Paint The Town Red
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"Bloodshed I'm painting the town red" Kool G. Rap [x8]

Yo, you're fucking with a well known felon
I'll do more then just leave you swellin
I'll blast you in your melon and leave you smellin
Take off the safety and incert the clip
Then I start to flip, bust off like dicks inside porno flicks
Under my tongue is where my blade rest
My 12 guage stress is even more scarier then an Aids test
You know my steelo, I stay on the D-low
Murdering negros, with double four desert eagles
The juice from my cerebral, is lethal
Bloodshed outta be illegal, evil like Kanevil
Cause I get physical like a contact sport
I'm nasty like a crackhead in spandex shorts
All sorts of niggaz dream about taking mine
But if they do they get their faces stitched up just like Frankenstein
Don't cross the line if you afraid of the guage
I smell the pussy see the bitch running down your leg

Yo let this niggaz know
'95 we painting the whole fucking town red
These bitch ass niggaz been saying you can't go solo
Let these niggaz know what time it is
Take it to their fucking faces kid

"Bloodshed I'm painting the town red" Kool G. Rap [x8]

I got a bullet vest, niggaz that fes'
I'm on some new stress, walk around with a smith west
Giving heart tests, I'm heartless
On some ill shit, I'm out to spark shit
You wanana stay alive then money don't get on my spark list
Damn right Blood's a murderer, I don't play I fucking slay
Fuck around and get your brains blown like JFK
Lee Harvey that's my idol, all about survival
My gat leaves niggaz more holy then the fucking Bible
Aiyo it gets worse I spark at church
I'm the type to make your grandmother grab her fucking purse
My life is fucked up, worser then that my life's a stress world
Even the fresh girls get sprayed up like S-curls
I assissinate I was brought up by the ways of a tec
A nine, a gat, a glock is all I need to catch wreck
Bloodshed a budda head, known for flippin when I'm trippin'
I put the fucking clip in and I'm leaving niggaz drippin
A mad man a public nusiance, I'm like a heart threat
Leave niggaz slain on the train like Bernard Goettz
A murderer fucking with me, you must got problems
I'll make you wish your pops would've used a fucking condom
Eyes is chinky like an oriental, far from gentle
I guess I'm just fucked up in the mental
I leave bullet scars fuck using a knife
Buck a twice, take your life plus your after life

"Bloodshed I'm painting the town red" Kool G. Rap [x8]

Murder astrologist, peep the final analysis
Thicker then mud, dealing with Blood like dialysis
Bloodshed is the opposite of painless
I'll rip your anus out of the frame with what ya came with
In a hurry, word to Keith Murray, "I Get In Ya"
And if you don't know let me tell you what I can bring ya
Press your heart with the 4-4, out of my dresser drawer
Under my draws, next to nude photos of that Vanessa whore
You can't stop me, I got the force to floor Rocky
And then I'll rip his face just like an autopsy
Nuff said, Bloodshed, The man who be tearing it
Evil like Medusa on her period
Chewing Mcs like a spiriment
Cause I'm a stone short of pyramid
Wicked like witch crafts experiments
How could you think that you could beat me
Think that you can defeat me
Malcolm X would eat pork before you eat me

"Bloodshed I'm painting the town red" Kool G. Rap [x8]
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