Pains Of Indifference Lyrics

Die Young

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Lyrics to Pains Of Indifference
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The search goes on....
and I hope I choke on every word I wrote
grant that I may find peace in this world
peace at last, lay this weary heart to rest
I want to be no more

through these days I can push on
but I'm afraid the meaning is gone

no longer can I bear to think
disenchanted by memories of countless failures
and unrequited love
I've been self-condemned to wander this disgusting world
graceless, godless, void of any faith
only to find nothing at the end of the rope
I want to be no more

through these nights I lay in wait
my heart burns to forget...

alone, alone at last, alone in this fucking world
is this truly what I want?
when her eyes mean nothing to me, the stars mean nothing to me
and I can't find the will to breathe

the search goes on...
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