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Lyrics to Oy Kao Tang (Go Ahead)
Mee ter yang nee, gor mee thae sia With you here there's only irritation Mee thae seum, mee thae seng Only dullness, only clamor Ying hen ying na bua The more I see, the more bored I get Laew chun ja kid ja clear gub ter Then I thought I should clear things up with you Chun gor glua tum hai ter thong chum jai thai But I was afraid I would hurt you to death Lung lay yoo nan I just remained hesitant for a long time Thae ma wunnee ter gor ma kuey gub chun But today, you came and talked to me Wa kid ja la jahk Telling me you were saying Good Bye Pbai eng yang nee, unnee gor flook You leaving on your own is my luck Thong korb koon, sa jai, sa jai, sa jai So I should thank you, How satisfying... * Oy kao tang, ao leree tham sabai Oh go ahead, at your own comfort Gor reep reep leree, dee arai yang nun Hurry on, this is great Oy chob jung, pben pbai tham thong garn I'm really liking this, it turned out just as I wanted Lae laew loke gor sanook muen derm Now the world will be pleasant as before * * Jer krai gor yim, mai jer gor yim I smile at anybody I see, I smile even when no one is around Oy sodsai proa wunnee ja mai mee ter eek Everything's brighter because today you're gone Doo ngai gor dee, ja gin gor dee Everything looks better, I eat better Non gor dee, tum arai gor hen pben dee I sleep better, everything is better *** Tong fa gor fa gor doo ying dee The sky seems prettier the more I look at it Lom gor yen, mong tang nai mun cheun jai pbai mod The breeze is cooler, everything I look at seems more pleasant Ter pbai jahk chun unnee gor flook You leaving me is my own luck Thong korb koon, sa jai, sa jai, sa jai And I should thank you, How satisfying... * / ** / *** / * 2 times

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