Lyrics to Overture
Overture Video:
Welcome to opening night
Oh boy you're in for a treat
I've got this medicine show
To steer you clear of disease
And it just can't be beat

The pandemonium here
Just wouldn't be near complete
Without the glam and the flair
Inside we're packing some heat
Discard your disbelief

I've been Catching ears, Catching eyes
More with every line
Proud to stand up and shout
I'm the archetype
Bringing new definition to baroque
But have I mentioned

Let's get this show on the road
Procrastination's the thief
Once we are rid of the old
Ill bring to you a new scene
That's sure to make you see

That I can take it down low
I'm ringleader of the keys
It's time to bring it up high
I'll make you weak in your knees
Cuz' I bring on the tease

(Thanks to Brett for these lyrics)
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