Lyrics to Overtime
Overtime Video:
I know that you think that I'm like eveyrone else That's okay I understand why you protect your heart Night and day You've seen the damage it can do when you love someone I'm here to prove that for the job you have I'm the girl Boy, when affection's up for grabs I fit in I'm gonna punch another clock 'til your passion comes I'll be working over (workin' over), over (I'll be workin') Overtime (workin' over), overtime (I'll be workin') [repeat] I only want the tender part of your fringe benefits Enough to show that I'm the type that you like bein' with I miss the pleasure of a touch and you're in need of one What does it take to make you see that it's not 9 to 5 You've got to work a double shift to keep love alive And boy I'm never gonna rest 'til we get it done

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