Lyrics to Overready
Overready Video:
You don't know what you need
So come take advantage of me
I've been wringing my hands
For someone to give me the chance
'Cause I'm sick of the scene and the
Same old routine that I've known
Now I'm taking the
Century it's in front of me and
I am overready
I'm breaking away to another place and
I am overready
I keep kicking through life
'Cause it doesn't come overnight
I won't hit a dead end
Like I have again and again
And I welcome the enemy
Right here in front of me so
Now I'm taking the
This could be it
It could be now
Now is the time to move on
Don't you know I
Won't let you down
So come along
I have waited so long
Time's been wasted too long
Songwriters: SMITH, DANNY
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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