Lyrics to Overpaint
Overpaint Video:
I don't know what's wrong with you
And you don't know 'cause you don't look for the clues
You over-paint every image of you
And flee
Into a world of make-believe
And the one within your dreams
Who, for almost a decade
Was too blind to see
All the beauty that lays in you
No grade could ever define for you
Just make you steal your identity
Out of another book
You can read for a thousand years
Never home, always fall between
I never wanted you, my dear
It was never about me

When I say "love", you hear "be with me"
You never talk you just disagree
I never met someone that fought so hard
To misunderstand what I really mean
And all your holidays by the sea
All the places you have been
I ask you, now you tell me
Did this ever make you free?
Because this is the only thing that's real
Everything else remains unclear
Remains a fiction
Remains another untold story
And you know where I will be
Until I die I'll always be
Just remember this is this
So it was never about me
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