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Luna Amante

Lyrics to Overneath
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And when I sing, I want the whole world there to see
To scream my name; I need your hearts along with me
And I won't stop until the last of your eyes have opened up
And this is instinct; I will lead--come with me
You don't want to miss this
In a world without light, scream, "WE WILL RISE ABOVE"

I can see my name written in the stars
(Being level-headed never got us far)
Constantly becoming who we are
(And I'm sick of waiting for my life to start)

When I wake up, I still think I'm dreaming
'Cause I just can't believe the world I'm seeing: "one day, I hope we'll learn"
Just take my hand and we can find true beauty
We'll string together all the pieces missing: "someday we'll find true love"

I don't want to be impersonating figurines
I don't want to be a man of less integrity

What would the people say? What would the people say?
(I don't give a fuck what they think of me)
Speak up--don't be afraid; speak up--don't be afraid
The crowd is against your will either way

Come with me you will feel the suffering stop
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