Lyrics to Over You
Over You Video:
We were happy and we were young
We taught the world was in our hands
No one could ever get between us
Untl that november night
You had a strange look in your eyes
I knew something bad was coming
And I was right, for once
And that's when you told me :
- I've been seeing someone else
- Is it someone that I know ?
- For sure it's your best friend and I'm love with him
- How long has it been going on ?
- Do you really wanna know
- You promessed that it would never happen to us
All the projects we had together are ow forgotten
All the time we spent, lying on our backs, planning everything
I should have known that it would turn out like that
I'm not the first having to face that shit, oh no
Who are you to do that to me ?
Yeah I'm the person that you gave everything
You were my princess
And I was your man
But now it's over
I realize that you're just like the others
A fucking bitch like your mom was
I'm already over you, you don't deserve anything more
And by the way I cheated on you too ...
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