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Hawthorne Heights


Lyrics to Over And Out
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Is there anyone out there? Is there anyone left?
A great battle has taken place, a mighty force has fallen
A small collective of dreamers have band together to destroy a corporate monster
If there is anyone out there listening to this, please know that you are not alone
Look at the worst parts of the world and we will still be there, fighting for a better tomorrow
(Stay Calm. Stay Calm)
There are many evils that lie in mankind
(Stay Calm)
There are many battles between good and that evil that can blur the lines of right and wrong
You should know that you are not just a number, we are all the same number
We are all equal
If you are out there, so are we
We are not above you, we are with you
Look to the underground, the back alleys, and the basements in life
We are there to fight for you
Our skeletons will remain
I'm not sure if The Calm will ever go away, but right now they are gone
If they come back, we will be united together
Like the never ending circle that built the Zero collective
(Stay Calm)
If you see the circle scratched on the walls, the doors, billboards and buildings
You know that you are home
And we will be fighting so this home remains yours
We are not above you, we are with you
We are the Zero collective
Over and out
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