Lyrics to Over And Done
Over And Done Video:
You're thinking of ways
To get back to me
It's all that you have and
It's only a dream
That look in my eye
Has long ago died
I'm handing it over
To some other guy
All that you want to
There's too many lies
That you're buried under
Don't waste my time
You're not the one
It's over and done
A couple of years
Are gone overnight
I noticed a difference
It didn't seem right
The way that you laughed
The smell of your skin
And then I showed up and
I saw you with him
Now don't even cry
I know you want to
You wanna set right
What has been sundered
You've become
Nothing and no one
I'm miles away and starting today
I'll never be
Back in the middle of
Back in the middle of how it was
Back in the middle of
It's over and done
Songwriters: SMITH, DANNY
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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