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Ornatos Violeta

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Lyrics to Ouvi dizer (translation)
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I've heard our love as ended
Well I didnt realized that it did
And for what I've tried
I wont see it in me
If I didnt had the notion of seeing a men being born
And form what I can see
It was all for you
a stupid song that only I eard
and I was left with so much to give
I now
You really wont like it
when I pay the bill in rage

As if could pay it in any other way

I've learned the world ends tomorow
and I had such plans for the future
It was I who turned the pages
running to get to us
withou taking from the words any cruel significance
about Reason being blind
Only one reason's left
one day it will be you
and a man like you
Like I never was
One day I'll hear you say

As if could pay it in any other way
I know one day you'll say
As if could pay it in any other way

The city is deserted
and someone wrote your name everywhere
In houses, in cars, on the bridges, in the streets
everywhere that word repeated
repeated until, madeness
sometimes bitter, or sweet
To remind us that love is a sickness
when in it we thing we see our cure
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