Lyrics to Outnumbered
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We might be outnumbered
i fear they will attack
i know we won't surrender
and we can't hold them back

we wore down our last welcome
tied our own hands and feet
but the ghosts out there outnumber,
me and you and you and me

there's a coldness on our shoulders
though the moon's as red as fire
they came to claim our homes now
and that's why we take flight
but we'll protect our families
and force them out to sea

i hope the ghosts out there remember
the Indian in me believes:
we might be outnumbered
but just you wait and see
i follow the shoreline with my family
we lied about our guilt now
but not our misery
what we've gone and done here i hope our kids don't see

we might be outnumbered

(Thanks to britt for these lyrics)
Songwriters: Crisp, Kelly / Howard, Ivan
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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