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Big Cali

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Lyrics to Outline Of A Rap Song
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Yo! Yo! Yo! Uh-huh! Yea! C'mon! Uh! Yo!

Yo I beens rappin since infancy
Momz called me a delinquency
Been blingin ice since like 5 years of age
Fucked my first bitch in the 2nd grade
hoes, clothes, dough, I'mma Pro
At this shit, little bit, beef stick
BMW, Black Man Wheels
Chromed out Platinum Dubs, how you feel?
Yo! I'mma shoot you in your face
With my can of mace
Beat yo ass all ova' da place!
Cap in yo ass, ya fuckin snake in da grass
Coca Cola, fuck a toyota corolla
Honey Actin stop reactin
Yo, what it is?

I'll hit you in da head with my fist
slit your wrist and give you a lisp
Goldfish, a tasty treat
Yo baby's momma pussy smells like a fat man's feet
Stomp yo ass in the ground, get lost and don't get found
Listen to my rap sound, yo silly ass clown
Don't get down, just get up
Whats the commotion, dry elbows need lotion
I gotz the potion for your rhyme overdosin
Yo! what it is? Yo! How it be?

Word... Get at me... Bling... Bout'it! UGH! P Diddy... Rock it out.. word...
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