Lyrics to Outkast
Outkast Video:
My little perfect thing
I wanna crash your fantasy
And I wanna be that thing on your mind everyday
Just love me endlessly
I swear I'll do anything you need
Put me on compromise, don't waste your time

I know you think we're just the same niggaz
Them bullshitters, them bullshitters
Yeah, I'm high as fuck and I'm drunk as fuck
But I don't care which
Just tell me baby you're about this
This ain't shit, I got this
Just tell me baby you want this
And I'm gonna get it, gonna get it
I'm yours
Baby fuck everything you heard, say word, say word
I'm yours

Pussy niggaz be hating
All the niggaz be lying and all the bitches talk shit
Fuck that, I'm looking for that moment , that real moment
I'm feeling that I count after that first outkast hit
I'm putting all of these bitches
Except you , except you
You're too cool
I'mma be the one that never left you
You're the girl that I never stepped to
It would be awful
Never disrespect, love me baby, I'll be loving you too
3 years later tell your sister to come and pick up a nephew, a nephew
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