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Lyrics to Out Of Sight
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Thoughts again unwind, but now you feel so incoherent
and stains are hard to find you can't stabd the lack of fear and if your consciousness is clear, don't you miss a bit of violence? What you see is insincere, it always stays the same.

and on and on a crying dawn, but tears have ceased and words are gone
And your screams have just become a silent whisper.

flood the world they, ve built around you to drown the bygone times
live the lies they tell about you 'cause doubts have been declined
let me take you far above this, to see beyond their games
for the past is out of sight

You live your life own decay, aren't you tired of mindless hiding?
The conventions you obey
make you feel you're almost dying,
when the answers don't belong to all the questions you were trying to ask a million times before
and the faults go on

(Thanks to Nana for these lyrics)
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