Out Of My Control Lyrics

Ken Hensley

Running Blind

Lyrics to Out Of My Control
Out Of My Control Video:
The empty conversation
The coldness of your touch
The moments of frustration
That always hurt so much
The look in your eyes that seems to say
Nothing's ever enough
Well it seems like I've tried every way
To give you all my love

But it's out of my control
It's all up to you
Yes, it's out of my control
What you gonna do
Everything I say, everything I do
Never seems to satisfy you
So I'll say it again, I'm gonna let you go
It's up to you
'Cause it's out of my control

I've felt this strange resistance
To the things I've said and done
And I've tried to keep my distance
I knew there was something wrong
But without communication
Without a message from your heart
There's only empty expectation
And a love that's torn apart
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