Out Of Its Misery Lyrics

Michael Penn

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Lyrics to Out Of Its Misery
Out Of Its Misery Video:
That's the way it goes
you're going to have to
see it through eventually
listen, I propose that
everybody show
some sort of sympathy
'cause all the highs and lows
are really wearing out
its elasticity

there's no bouncing back
no recovery
put it out of its misery

If you take my devotion
and figure it as something
you're due to accrue
it's only emotion
winding up the motion
we are going through
and don't it break your heart
to watch its little quiver
on the avenue

'til it's crawling back
on its only knee
put it out of its misery
I can hear mercy mercy me
letting this go on and on and on

That's the way it goes
everybody knows we're through,
so you see
your I-told-you-sos
weren't any help
and now they're boring me
listen I propose
that we might indulge
a little luxury
but there's no going back
and it falls on me
that it is murder
'cause I know baby, only you
can put me out of my misery
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