Lyrics to Out Of Balance
Out Of Balance Video:
The faces will never change
We're programmed with lost souls
The visions that are erased
Will come back to haunt us all
Your faces will never change
Can't slow down a fast world
The decisions that we have made
Have come back to haunt us all

All I could say is 'we're in for nasty weather'
All I can say is 'We're in for shaky ground'

You got everything you want
And everything you need
And my sanity, you bleed
It's like you're wearing a mask
Cause you're hiding the fact
You can't live in your own skin

It's shaking.. me down..

This lesson's a hard one
I hope you will survive
It just takes a little time
And all your pain will fade

Right, they haunt us all
That's right,
What's mine is mine.
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