Our Sweet Oblivion Lyrics

Howling Syn


Lyrics to Our Sweet Oblivion
Our Sweet Oblivion Video:
Tell me the truth about what's left behind
Tell me that I'm alive
When I can't breathe, when I can't sleep
Tell me that you will stay here
When all the stars will vanish into our sweet oblivion

Sweet, sweet, sweet oblivion

Tell me how to free myself
From all those haunting memories
Tell me that we'll live those dreams that we had
Tell me that I must face you in this arena we call life
But those dreams we had melt into a stygian black

Sweet, sweet, sweet oblivion

So many things unsaid
So many cheaters unveiled
So many things are wrong
But you are here and and you make it brighter!

So many words unsaid
So many betrayals
So many scenes are wrong
In that movie we call life

Sweet, sweet, sweet oblivion

Even if the nights are cold and dark it feels like home
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