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Dead Like An Angel

Lyrics to Our Reality Dissolves
Our Reality Dissolves Video:
This Song was originally written for the Scenario of the
forthcoming KOROVA-Output "Katalypse2025",

forseeing our Fate in the Year 2025, when collective Reality
will dissolve due to a genetic Feedback-Evolution of Human
Perception and Senseabilities, caused within a few Years by the
Long-term-Effect of social Fashions like Information-Holocaust,
Brain-Violation, Screenflickering, biomechanical
Sensetransplants, Stress and Drug Pestilences. All Wheels turn
around themselves...

Starting with two World Epidemics of Schizophrenia and Telepathy
it ends in the Omega-Point of Human Developement with the
materialistic Appearance of a single Eye with View all around in
all Directions, receiving all Waves, Atoms, Things, Movements
and Stimuli in all Scales and Zooms together at the same Time,
Vision, Sound, Smell, Taste and Sentiment, the eternal Kiss of
the pantheistic Goddess of Light, the blind Will, the physical
Great United Energy...THE ALL.

Shadows dance around our Eyes
and silently they swell and shift.
Glintworms wind through Welterwalls,
glaring Fate into our Will.

Static not exists outside our swollen Brains.
Noone can't resist this Play of shattered Frames.

World stood glazed before our Minds,
but suddenly it jerked & jigged.
Hintstorms long suppressed send Calls
and all our Questions are fulfilled.

Terms do not exist outside our kindfilled Brains.
Laws cannot persist when Manias have been slain.

Mountains melt and Seas dissolve away,
all Things disintegrate.
Our Systems fracture and decay-
Lord Sensequake splintered all.

Spirits wink from Frequences unchained,
the Dead rise from their Graves.
Unknown Life spouts out of slivered Shapes-
We wane and watch enthralled.

With the shrill Noises of the final Tempest
all once discerned disrupts and deforms.
Day-Detonations, Blaster-Bombardments
Consciousness fluctuates and explodes.

Crawling through the ClutterDeserts,
so collapsed and crumpled away.
Saints of Inferno, Satans of Heaven,
Faces of what forever pulsates.

Purgatory & Paradise, Apocalyse-Rebirth
There is just Light and our Eyes watching it.
Purgatory & Paradise, just Fights in every Man
There is just Light and nothing else exists
Gestalt dissolves - Categories explode
There is just Light and what Eyes mould of it.
There is just Light...

As our Fleshes cease to work
with bated Breath - Our Reality dissolves
And our Shells complete their Course
to Omega - Our Reality dissolves
Born from where we now recur
back in God - Our Reality dissolves
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