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Orphaned Land

All Is One

Lyrics to Our Own Messiah
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The cycle that never ends
It begins and starts again
Trapped like mice inside a maze
And bereft of our own grace

We pray and bend our feet
We will not admit defeat
To a god we put our fate
And to the ones that sell deceit

We never doubt their words
Forever gripping our swords
We conform and we bend down
Nail the thorns into the crown

We believed in your glory and might
That you shall take us to your side
We reached out to heaven
The three sons of seven
But we found no messiah or guide

Why do we hold on to these prayers?
All these years and nothing has been changed

And i am just another tool in this game
And i have never put any doubt in your name
Not even when they took it all
Left me here alone to fall
I kept screaming, "Oh, where have You gone?"

[Hebrew part]

[Hebrew part's English translation:]
Our father who art in heaven
Redeem us, impart upon us

Perhaps you left us to live without you
To learn to fly on our own

Why do we hold to these beliefs?
That our god is here for all our needs

Can't we see that all we are is one?
We are the messiah, we need my son

(Merci à ThrashersShogun pour cettes paroles)
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