Lyrics to Our Love Story
Our Love Story Video:
Sometimes i think about the time that we have spent together and...
It's been really nice
I remember all the things we've done, and all the places where we've been...
I want you to stay with me

Every night I wish I could be with you
I hope you do it too
And every time you're sad
I want you to know that I'll be for always by your side

Sometimes I think about your smile and the way that you walk and talk...
You colour my life
I'm very sorry for the times that I've been sarcastic and rude
You make me feel so good...

I'll never forget the days I've been with you
I hope you do it too
And every time you need
someone to live your dreams
please only think in me...

Anyway I'll dream every night of you
I hope you do it too
This is my gift for all the things you've done for me
And all I wrote is true...

I wrote this song for you
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