Lyrics to Origami Boulder
Origami Boulder Video:
Yeah, you're not sure if it's love
Or she's just cryin' on your shoulder
Yeah, you're all mixed up
And you wish you could have told her
How your eyes light up
Every time that you behold her
Yeah, she's perfect-
-ly fucked up
She's an origami boulder

Yeah, she kinda looks like trash
But you still invite her over
Because love like art
It's in the eye of the beholder
And I'm not that smart
But I think I've figured out now
What that dude Lao Tzu was talkin' about
And it's just a haiku poem on a crumpled paper
We're getting older
We're getting older
She's an origami boulder

She's a walking contradiction
She's the truth within a lie
She's last piece of the puzzle
Or she's quite a piece of pie

Yeah, she's got the whole green ocean
Floating in her eyes
She's got five dimensions
She's got thirty different sides
She's an implosion to infinity
The savior in a trinity
She's the salt of the earth
That she threw over your shoulder
She's an origami boulder

She's an origami boulder

An origami boulder

She's an origami boulder
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