Organ Grinder Blues Lyrics

Victoria Spivey

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Lyrics to Organ Grinder Blues
Organ Grinder Blues Video:
Organ grinder, organ grinder,
organ grinder, play that melody
Take your organ, and grind some more for me

Grind it north, grind it north,
grind it north, and grind it east and west,
When you grind it slow, I like it the best

Organ grinder, organ grinder,
you don't have to pass your hat no more
You're the grinder I've been waitin' for

Organ grinder, organ grinder,
your sweet music seems to ease my mind
It's not your organ, but it's the way you grind

Organ grinder, organ grinder,
Organ grinder, don't tell me you're through
If you are tired, let mama grind a while for you
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