Lyrics to Oppression
Oppression Video:
You pray to the blackend halo
Watch the blind lead the blind
The same old story unfolds
Yet your always first in line
I gave you the gift of shelter
Brought you in from pouring rain
Put your burdens on my shoulders
Buried the truth with your name

Betrayel as the blade enters the back
This twisting knife warping everything ive ever had
You are the demon you claim to hate
End this madness theres too much at stake
Hellbound and broken boned
With nothing of your own
What can't be earned cant be taken
Ive hit the ground but I will prevail
And im not giving up
No matter what it takes
Tell me you had enough so this past can be erased
Diseased with self abuse you selfish bitch I cast you straight down to hell

So take a look at me now,
I wont be frightened by the pain that caused my wake
Bleed onto me my wicked little thing
I'll raise you up to break you down
Rise you up straight to hell

Enlightened by the mask that hides your face
I now know your weakness and along with time... you will fade away
Fade away

(Thanks to Adam for these lyrics)
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