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Lyrics to Oppressing You
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Oppressing you, Oppressing me
The bane is called technology
No one is free, thought crimes a sin
with chips that slip beneath your skin,
barcodes tattooed behind your eyes
all seeing cameras in the skies
upgraded forms of mind control
upgraded life, downloaded soul.

Rise up and stand up, and get up and go
It's your last chance move quick get out while no one knows
R.F. ID I-C chips clipped deep within your bones
gps locater on your wire tapped phone
Taking down democracy one brick at a time
Leaving the facade but it's hollow inside
right hand, palm down barcode on your wrist
left hand raised- (right back!) we will resist

in the name of what once called liberty
We now hold tight to our security

Take a deep breath the plastic in your lungs
Take a fresh battery and touch it to your tongue
Too proud to take too proud to shape to make a sound
mistake replace the tape the time is running down
so everything we ever see is makeup and a blue screen
recut re-edit just to recreate the social scene
synthesized flesh designed to impress upon the rest of us
the aesthetics of the upper class.
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