Lyrics to Opaque
Opaque Video:
i think we're all moving too slow, i think it's time for you to go
i know you don't care what i think, my pathos has a kind of stink
of everything of yesterday, i know we got to find our way
inspiration tastes so sweet, again you've landed on your feet - what a surprise
well i tripped down the stairs whilst exiting your cerebellum
broke my back in seven places, association with old faces
everything i think of you is fucked up and you know it's true
i feel no need to reminisce; just acknowledge i exist
i understand you all too well, i'm no new welcome to your hell
everything you've ever said, it ended somewhere in my head
and now i'm getting kinda stale, but i hope you never fail
to be my perfect sedative, search for a different adjective - pathetic
i appreciate you more than most, i'm still haunted by your ghost
when i'm all alone asleep, with sentiments i dare not keep
and i'm still thirsty for the day, when the truth comes out to play
and it makes you trip and fall, and there i'm standing 10 feet tall - but not right now
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