Lyrics to Ooh That's It
Ooh That's It Video:
Once you're bit, oooh, THAT'S IT!
For me n' the rest of us,
It's time to fight or get off the bus,
Cos when they shuffle into town,
You'd better make sure You STAND YOUR GROUND.

They say \"there aint no room in hell\"
I'm gonna take them down and the devil as well,
One Shot, one kill, that's the way I play.

This aint the same,
aint no game,
Who's to blame,
I'll remain,
Feel no shame.

That's it. Every town is over-run,
But their moans will be silenced when I'm done,
Rooftop to (roof)top I stalk my prey,
I gotta catch em all to DIE ANOTHER DAY.

The streets are now clear of the rotting hordes,
Time to take the battle door to door
Crushing the brain or removing the head,
I'll enjoy a nice omelette, when I've cracked the eggs.

Once you're bit,
Ooooh, that's it,
Take a hit,
Call it quits,

Once your bit...Oh that's it,
Once your bit...Oh that's it,

That's it. I Tip the balance one by one,
Restoring equilibrium with my gun,
Some look for cure or pray for a reason,
I live for the rush of hunting Season,

Roam the earth or rooftop stalking,
Are you Walking dead or dead men walking?
To me the deal is pretty much the same,
You are a player or you are the game.
Who's to blame,
I'll remain,
Feel no shame.

Ooooh, Go!

Oh, once you're bit..... DEAD!

(Thanks to heavensmetal for these lyrics)
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