Only A Little Obsessed Lyrics

Fast H

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Lyrics to Only A Little Obsessed
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I'm Obsessed
A little Depressed
Staring at her chest
Flunking every test
Thinking I am the best

She makes me feel so good
Like that song â??knock on woodâ?
Feel like no one else could
In way's no one really should

Cause I've memorized
The color of Her eyes
Her shape and her size
Gotta keep my eyes on the prize
Until she's realized

She gets me all horny
Sounds, so damn corny
Relieving tension
In detention
Got suspended
I'm dependant

This girl got me sprung
In more ways than one
I think if she knew she'd run

But I still wake up all alone
Grasping at the phone
Punching numbers in my mind
Hoping one day I will
Call her
Be taller

Until then I'll just
Have wet dreams
Just kidding
One day she'll be mine
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