Lyrics to Oneiric Storm
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Little by little the nite turns around to me
Little by litle my eyes fall into the nothing depth
Strabgle me with my own sweaty sheet
All is gone when the nite turns around to me

Muscles over, they are not respond to me
I'm fearful, who's my owner? who's playing with me?
Am I into the dark side of my misty mirror?
I'am into the outside, I'm into the status zero!!!

Suddendly I see a millon of entombed eyes, they
Are watching me and I began to run
Torches light my way, a trip to nowhere land
Of the Twinkler lights and circles in the sand.

I don't know, but I must go
To the place beyond the space aurora borealis
Earthouake! changes the tide
The big wave involves the town!
Is not a dream, is not the turth
Is the interphase (when)...

Whean a dream is the truth
When the truth is a dream
Between two worlds
Divided by the storm
But, am I breathing
When I think in to breath?
When the thought' means life
When life means death.

In the void of the absurd
Material and spiritual world
Chaios in my brain
There's some thing too much wrong
Now it's time to return
From the land of no answers
To reenter to the flesh
The weak and so logic flesh!!!

Oneiric Storm!!!
Oneiric Storm!!!
Oneiric Storm!!!

Are forces from beyond
To the logical abhor
The valture invites to fly
To wake up I must fight
Can I resist the next night?
... The night returns
... Fal into the nothing depth
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