One Woman Man (Remix) Lyrics

Dave Hollister

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Lyrics to One Woman Man (Remix)
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It's so funny runnin' into you
It has to be three years
Since we last seen each other
Many flashbacks come to mind
Of the wild and crazy times
We used to have with one another

We absolutely didn't care
We would do it anywhere
Eye contact, and it was over
But that's when I was wildin' out
I couldn't care less about
Someone gettin' hurt
I've done my share of dirt
But I done wised up

Seein' you reminds me of
All the nights I used to beat it up
I would do it again, but I can't
Cuz everything is different now
I finally have settled down
And became a one woman man

There were many others after you
Quite a few one night stands
Some of their names I can't remember
Imagine wakin' up to someone new
You barely even knew
Time and time again

But there's someone for everyone
I've been blessed to find that one
Who makes me feel like no other
You are lookin' good as hell
But I can't go home with you
Because I'm goin' home to her

[Repeat 1]

Yo, yo, yo, yo...
Ever since I hit the pussy
I knew I was whipped
We push the seats through the stairwell
And fucked in the six
I'm a dawg, Jersey dawg
But the dog they caught by sugar walls
It's so rich it's out the Barbie park
Hey I admit I was the nigga yellin' fuck dem hoes
But ever since you touched them toes
My nuts done growed (damn baby)
You lookin' gravy in them XO jeans
Ain't scared to ride the 9-2-9 at a buck 14
Used to say you fucked niggas
But really you didn't
Was my own guilty consciounsce
From em fuckin' these woman
But that pussy, gotta get me a grip
Shit I'll treat your kids to Disney with Mickey and shit
Niggas say they don't love dem hoes
Yeah that's right
To the next man in the bed with they weds at night
But you thug it out, suck it out
Titties, nipples toughen out
Half a dozen skittin' out the window, bustin' out
That's my kind of bitch

[Repeat 1 to fade]
Songwriters: FLOWERS, MICHAEL C.
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