Lyrics to One To Three
One To Three Video:
Don't place your bets on me just yet
I'm only half-way home.

This racket takes it's toll
My scams are smooth and cold.
I'm bathing in a fountain
And I'm not getting old.
I crave to catch an edge;
Break bones and cartilage.
Send back the architects of Carthage
Take down the flag
Forget the pledge.
I'm only half-way home.
Puff out your chest and step to the sun
Its done its best to burn everyone
Whose gotten half-way home.

Cut me in 2 3
1 2 save, 1 2 waste, and 1 2 eat.
I cut myself in 3
1 4 us, 1 4 them, and 1 4 me.

Drinking pots of coffee
Till every drop is gone.
Painting a portrait
of Ponce deLeon
Out of clipped nail
From the hands and the feet
Of every lost and stubborn soul
I hope to ever meet.
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